Impacts on Economy


The growing economy is having more and more issues each day. Ocean acidity is contributing to those issues. The acidic oceans are changing our ecosystem by affecting our resources and income. Our government is spending more money to fix this global climate disruption, which is costing our government more money that we do not have. As acidic levels increase in the oceans, our resources are dying off due to the poisoned water. Our economy relies on most of the food industries that process and deliver our foods according to Bruce Steele of Science 360. Jobs such as fisheries and food plants have been used to clean and produce our food. The organisms that are now affected by the carbonic acid are not suitable for them to use anymore, so the sources that are high in demand are becoming more limited. This issue is causing more people part of the food industries to lose their jobs. Not only does it affect the food industries but it affects the commercial fishing, shell-fishing, tourism, leisure and recreation which will cost the economy more than $1 trillion dollars to fix reported by U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity. Hopefully we will find a solution to this world problem.


Acid Level Graph

picture-15(Friedland, 2010)

This graph shows the pH level of the oceans over million of years. pH is the scale used to measure whether a solution is acidic or basic. The graph above is exhibiting how the ocean’s pH levels have change over the recent centuries. In the recent years, the pH level has decreased from being basic to being more acidic. The pH level in the 1800’s were about 8.2 and now they have decreased to be 8.1 due to the mass burning of fossil fuels. This has caused scientist to classify it as acidic. They are predicting the pH levels will be 7.7  in the future which shall be harmful to our ecosystem.