There are very few things we and others can do to prepare for the impact of Ocean Acidification. Here are the few things you can do to be ready for anything it does.

1. Adapting to using less resources and recycling them.

Because of the loss of resources from ocean acidification we will ave to adapt to using less and recycling more. For this to be effective, society needs to start conserving now. The longer we wait, the more our resources will be used up and the less chance there is

2. Improving our understanding of Ocean Acidificaion. Ocean Acidification is no small problem and the word needs to be spread about how serious it really is. This could be through a news broadcast, newapapers, and as simple as just  talking about it with your peers.

3. Foundations are launching a global competition for the development of effective and affordable pH sensors to profoundly improve our knowledge of ocean chemistry and the understanding of the global effects of ocean acidification. If the pH levels in our oceans get any lower they will officially become acidic and if humans understand more about pH this will help keep the pH levels in our oceans stable so the underwater ecosystems as well as our economy stay strong.

4. Significant improvement in technology can help scientists begin to answer critical questions about our oceans. This is the twenty-first century and with the technology we have, scientists can use that to implement new ideas on how to improve our oceans pH levels. If we can build rockets and airplanes, we can create something to balance out pH levels.

5. Everyone has a part in improving this situation and every bit helps. If you can do the basic stuff like recycle, ride your bike, and support small businesses, you are doing your part in improving our oceans.