Acid Level Graph

picture-15(Friedland, 2010)

This graph shows the pH level of the oceans over million of years. pH is the scale used to measure whether a solution is acidic or basic. The graph above is exhibiting how the ocean’s pH levels have change over the recent centuries. In the recent years, the pH level has decreased from being basic to being more acidic. The pH level in the 1800’s were about 8.2 and now they have decreased to be 8.1 due to the mass burning of fossil fuels. This has caused scientist to classify it as acidic. They are predicting the pH levels will be 7.7  in the future which shall be harmful to our ecosystem.


The levels have been rising

The beginning of the Industrial revolution marked the overall start of ocean acidification. During this time there was a lot of carbon being released into the atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution the oceans acid level has risen by 26%. According to Monroe “studies have shown the 26% of the carbon is absorbed by the ocean, the other ones being atmosphere 46% and land 28% “(2013).  The current acid level in the ocean is 8.1, previously it was 8.2. Figures released at UN talks in November 2013 say that by the end of the century  the worlds oceans will be 170% more acidic than they were in pre-industrial times,(Collins, 2013)