Ocean acidification has been a problem since the Industrial Revolution, and has become a much larger problem more recently. There are a few things people must first understand before we start getting serious into finding solutions for ocean acidification.

  • Increase our knowledge

Before we start getting serious about finding solutions for ocean acidification, more people need to learn about it and how harmful it is to the ecosystem and the problems it is causing. Since more than 70% of earth is covered in oceans, ocean acidification will become a big problem once it swings into full effect. That is why it is important for people to learn more about ocean acidification so that we can expand the range of things we can do to solve it.

  • Reducing our carbon footprints

One thing people can do to help is reduce their carbon footprints, because by doing so, the amount of CO2 taken in by the oceans will decrease, which can slow down the affects of ocean acidification already taking place. According to C40 Cities Global Leadership Program, “Altering or stopping ocean acidification on human-relevant time-scales will ultimately depend upon reducing net CO2Ā emissions into the atmosphere.” (2012) The program was formed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cities, since over 70% of CO2 emissions are produced within the city limits. They are still working to make their goal a reality, and one thing they say would help is if everyone tried to reduce their carbon footprint, because everything counts towards reducing our carbon footprints, helping reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Everyone has a part

Everyone can do something about this issue, whether it be donating to a research facility or simply recycling, you can have an effect on our environment. Some simple but fun excersice can be found in riding a bike or walking/jogging with friends. Doing something as simple as this can help reduce CO2 emissions, which is good because it can stop the growth of global climate disruptions just like ocean acidification.


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