How Acidic Oceans Affect Marine Ecosystems

Marine ecosystems are being effected drastically by acidic oceans. The food webs that were established are getting destroyed as many species can’t survive in their habitat and die off. For example there is a tiny animal in the ocean called pteropods. These animals serve as food for some of the oceans top predators, and since they are dying off this will affect the marine life massively because the food web will be destroyed and populations will fluctuate causing an uneven number of predators and prey. Other animals that produce shells or exoskeletons can’t produce them anymore and won’t be able to defend themselves from predators because of the acid. Animals that do important things in the ocean like urchins that help restore coral reefs are beginning to die off. Without coral reefs, many marine animals won’t be able to find protection for themselves and be vulnerable to predators. Another example is squids, squids require high oxygen levels and with the acidity in the water, the squids can’t always get enough oxygen and it messes with their blood flow. Squids are one of the oldest animals that live in the oceans and if they can’t survive, that’s one of the most unique animals gone. The changes are happening to quickly for these animals to adapt to. If the pH levels don’t start balancing out soon, there will be no life in the ocean and our Earth will be 70% water and there will still be oceans but those oceans will be without life.


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